Wine tours to Armenia 2022

Taste, discover, enjoy!

The wine tour to Armenia is an exciting journey through the world of Armenian winemaking, which has been experiencing a renaissance throughout recent 10 years. You will get to know the secrets of the Armenian winemaking traditions, reveal the country’s principal wine regions, admire its picturesque landscapes and unique architecture. The abundant sunshine, volcanic soil, undulating terroir and crystal water of this land is all that is needed for getting a perfect wine. Discover the world of Armenian wines with us without worrying about any organizational matters. For wine lovers, this type of trip is definitely a full plate!

Being among the firsts in Armenia to organize wine tours we are highly familiar with the wine industry and with all the aspects of the Armenian winemaking traditions. In this original journey along the wine roads of the country with ancient winemaking traditions, you will immerse into the history, aroma, and flavors of viticulture. The Armenian winemakers will personally host you in their facilities and open the treasures of their cellars.


The “New View Travel” guides are wine experts holding the WSET-2 certificate. Wine tours in Armenia 2022 is a cultural and oenological journey through Armenia’s vineyards, wine cellars, and the Armenian culture as a whole.


The wine tour accompanied by an English-speaking guide is an unforgettable experience for a group of 6 people to immerse into the country's cuisine, wine, and culture, and get to know the locals. Our itinerary allows us not only to visit two wineries each day, but also to explore the main sights of Armenia.

An example of a weekly program of a wine tour in Armenia 2022

Price for this type tour is 1650$ per person including all testings (13 winery visits) 

DAY 1. Yerevan. Gevorkian Winery

Your journey will start with a walking sightseeing tour through the capital Yerevan. Then we will visit the Gevorkian Winery. Here you will taste wines made from rare grape varieties that cannot be found anywhere else, as well as wines made from unique hanging grapes - Kahani and first Armenian Petnat. In the evening comes a horizontal or vertical wine tasting with a sommelier or a winemaker in the wine gastrobar InVino.

Day 2. Ararat valley. Tushpa winery and Alluria Wines

The day will start with a visit to the Khor Virap Monastery situated at the foot of the Ararat Mountain, from which Christianity spread throughout Armenia. The next stop will be the Tushpa winery. The Manasserian family will make you taste some wines made from 100% Haghtanak and Karmrahyut grape sort. After the tasting, we will visit the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the seat of the Catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Church and one of the oldest Christian cathedrals in the world.

Next comes lunch and wine tasting at the Alluria winery. The winery is adjacent to the house of the large Machanyan family, so get ready for a real Armenian feast in a cozy homely atmosphere. Alluria makes wines with traditional methods with spontaneous fermentation, without yeasts.

Day 3. Armavir. Karas and Voskeni wineries

The wine journey in Armenia continues with a visit to one of the biggest Karas winery. It is due to this brand that the world got familiar with Armenian wines. Here you will try the wines from popular international grape varieties: Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, created in a collaboration with the famous oenologist from Bordeaux - Michel Rolland.

For lunch we will stop by the Sardarapat memorial complex to immerse ourselves in one of the most decisive episodes of Armenian history and continue our wine journey with a visit to the Voskeni winery. Here, in addition to elegant and fragrant wines and the fascinating view opening at the Biblical Mt. Ararat, you will find elegant wines and a gastronomic surprise from the Mkrtchyan family.

Day 4 Aragatsotn. Armas and Voskevaz wineries

One of the biggest and the most beautiful wineries in Armenia ArmAs, with a huge assortment of wines from various grape varieties will host you this day. ArmAs will impress you not only with its wines, but also with its business approach and its charming surroundings.

At lunch, a firework of emotions awaits you at the Voskevaz winery, which knocks the unprepared visitor off his feet with its architecture. This extraordinary place is completely different from the rest of the visited wineries. Already at the entrance, you will be amazed by its unique architecture imitating castles of various cultures. Get ready to experience the delight of what you see, and then feel the reverent love for this unique place.

Day 5 Aragatsotn. Armenia Wines and Van Ardi winery

The day will start with the bewitching landscapes of the large Kasakh gorge and the Saghmosavank monastery. After enjoying this unique place, we will visit the largest winery of Armenia - Armenia Wines. Everything here is done with grandeur and taste in the best traditions of the Soviet Armenian architecture. Here you will also find one of the most beautiful tasting halls.

In the afternoon, we will visit the winemaker Meruzhan Muradyan at the Van Ardi winery. Let's try his wines from local varieties grown on volcanic soil and then enjoy a delicious homemade lunch overlooking the vineyards and Ararat.

Day 6. Vayots Dzor. Hin Areni and Old Bridge wineries

Areni is the main autochthonous variety of Armenian grapes, which contributed to the revival of winemaking and is associated with great hopes and prospects. In the village with the same name, we will taste wines at the Hin Areni winery. 

Passing through breadmaking gorges we will reach Noravank- one of the main wonders of Armenia. After getting to know the church and its breathtaking surroundings of red limestone cliffs we will visit the winemaker Armen Khalatyan. At his small family winery named Old Bridge, he makes one of the most promising wines in the country and annually collects awards from international experts at specialized exhibitions. Please note that the excursion of the 6th day will be with an overnight stay in the Vayots Dzor region.

Day 7.  Vayots Dzor. Momik family winery

Today we will visit Areni-1 Cave where archaeologists found the preserved remains, shards from jars and grape seeds of an ancient winery. After conducting a series of scientific studies, a group of Armenian and American scientists determined the age of the ancient winery from 4000 to 6000 years.

Our wine journey will be concluded with a visit to Momik family winery for lunch and tasting (either at the Trinity, Noah or Koor vineyards). We will then return to Yerevan to prepare for the flight.

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