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Tour in Armenia 2023

Armenia Tours & Excursions 2022

Unforgettable holidays and experience with the best English-speaking guides that will show you the memorable places, the most interesting, delicious and unusual things in Armenia 2022.  Explore Armenia with the best small travel  agency in Armenia.


Wine, gastronomic and fun-adventurous

Up to 6 members

6 days / 5 nights


30 APRIL - 5 MAY 2022

7 MAY - 12 MAY 2022

31 MAY - 6 JUNE  2022 with a visit to Yerevan Wine Days festival

23-29 AUGUST 2022

4-10 SEPTEMBER 2022

New View Travel offers unique tours to Armenia with excursions in English. This fabulous country will fill your soul with the romance of the local nature, delicious dishes of its national cuisine, wine and jazz. Fall in love with gorgeous mountains, breathtaking landscapes, blooming fields and Armenian cuisine.

Are you looking for adventures that make your heart skip a beat and fill your stomach with butterflies? Dreams come true with New View Travel tours in Armenia.

Our guides for Armenia Tours & Excursions are experienced historians, writers, art and architecture specialists. They know everything and more about this land and culture. Discover all the sightseeing, passion, beauty and humor of the Armenian people. We invite you to get acquainted with the bright life of Yerevan, discover the cultural contrasts of Armenia.

Tours & Excursions in Armenia are a perfect way to become part of the Coucasian fairytale, where one can find the most picturesque mountains with ancient monasteries, the longest cable car in the world and the most fascinating azure water lakes. 

Have a look on the additional benefits of our tours in Armenia:

  • Comfortable  4* and 5* hotels in the city center
  • Safe, well-equipped transport with air conditioning and WiFi
  • Our english-speaking guides will give you not just an ordinary excursion, but a complete immersion in the culture and life of the country. The purpose of our tours is not just visiting the country’s primary attractions, but feeling and tasting it. You will be also hosted by an Armenian family, visit a winery and listen to jazz in the best clubs of Yerevan.




Welcome to Armenia! Sightseeing tours to Armenia begin in Yerevan. We will have a walk around the city center and observe the magnificent architecture of the city. We will see Mother Armenia Monument, Cascade Complex, Opera House, Northern Avenue, Republic Square and more.

We will walk along the modern Northern Avenue, see the Opera House and get on the top of the highest staircase in the country - the Cascade. Here, in the open air, a large number of sculptures by famous contemporary artists are exhibited. We will also take a look at the city from a bird's eye view and enjoy the biblical Mount Ararat.  


Today we will see the main sights of southern Armenia. The first stop is the Khor Virap Monastery, at the foot of Mount Ararat, from where Christianity spread throughout the country in 301.

Our trip will go on with a visit to yet another fabulous place - the Noravank Church, famous for its unique architecture and picturesque location among the red rocks.

For lunch we will stop by Old Bridge -the family of winemakers. Armen and his family will make you taste one of the best wine and Armenian dishes, as well as will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the local winemaking traditions.

The main treasure of this day is the Tatev Monastery, which is reached by a cable car running over the deep Vorotan Gorge. You will discover places of unreal power, beauty and cinematography. It is not by chance that tourists define this day as one of the most memorable ones throughout the trip to Armenia.


Today we will drive to the cave city in the village of Khndzoresk, where people used to live in the caves until the 1950s! After having acquainted with how the cave households used to look, the bravest and the most courageous ones will pass along the suspended bridge over the gorge. The view is not for the impressionable ones! 

The next stop is an ancient stone observatory locally known as Zorats-Karer (stone army) or Karahunj (singing stones). This perfectly preserved ancient megalithic complex in the south of Armenia, assembled from large standing stones some of which have round elevations in their upper part is also referred to as "the Armenian Stonehenge" because of the similarities it has with the former. According to some scientists the tranches of Karahunj date back to 5000- 2000 BC. The thing that is for sure is that once you get here, you immediately feel the strong energy that pours from this majestic site.


The tour in Armenia proceeds with a trip to the small and very beautiful Saghmosavank monastery hanging over the Kasakh gorge. Here you will learn the secrets of the Armenian alphabet in the valley of the giant letters carved from red tuff.

And why not to consolidate the acquired knowledge with a glass of good Armenian wine? We will visit a winery for tasting and interesting stories. Armenia is the country whose winemaking history began 6000 years ago. 

In the evening we will enjoy a famous and talented jazz concert in Malkhas jazz club.


Tours to Armenia will not be completed without visiting the pearl of the country - Lake Sevan. Here we will see the Sevanavank monastery, enjoy the beauty of the lake from a bird's eye view. Sevanavank is a unique monument of ancient Armenian architecture which is included in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage sites. This religious complex was erected by hermit monks at the end of the 8th century with the support of Gregory the Illuminator and Princess Mariam from the Bagratuni royal family. In those distant times, the peninsula was a tiny island.  At the beginning of the 8th century, monks landed there for the first time and founded a small settlement.

Next destination is the temple of Garni.  A masterpiece of Hellenistic architecture. Here you can take part in a traditional Armenian bread-making workshop and  bake Lavash. Then we will visit Geghard. Monastery carved in a cliff. If in Garny we concentrate on Armenia’s pre- Christian history, in Geghard we will get to know the Armenian Apostolic church. 

The tour in Armenia will be concluded in an authentic restaurant with national dances.


Tours to Armenia 2022 always end with museums and shopping. 

Today we will visit Yerevan's most interesting museums. Matenadaran, Saryan or Parajanov museum. Lusik Aguletsi House-Museum is also worth visiting. 

It is impossible to come to Yerevan and pass by Yerevan’s Vernissage market, filled with modern handicrafts, jewelry and art. And, of course, nobody leaves Armenia without visiting the local market, which sells delicious fruits, cheeses, spices, dried fruits and other Armenian delicacies to take home.

Looks like it's time for the airport. And again we are met by a comfortable transfer that will safely drive you to the right place. The fairy tale full of romance, adrenaline and fun will end. Do you want to become a part of it?

Book tours and excursions to Armenia 2022 today. Click the "Join us” button and join our fabulous journey, it will be unforgettable.

1 month before the start date

  1. Accommodation in a twin/double room in a 4* boutique hotel located in the center with tasty breakfast 
  2. Accommodation in a double room with breakfast while visiting Tatev Monastery
  3. Daily activity program
  4. Excursions in Armenia with professional guides
  5. All the transfers, including airport
  6. Cable car tickets
  7. Entrance fees to museums and other attractions
  8. Welcome dinner with colorful program
  • Air ticket
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Wine tastings

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